Skybreak’s Burrow, First Delve – Part Five

She sweeps the room with her lightcaster, revealing it to be roughly rectangular. The shape is interrupted by a wide indentation to her left, housing two doors. There’s also a door on the other side of the room. She grabs the chalk and draws an arrow on the floor pointing the way she came.

She turns her back to the arrow and tries the first door to her left. It’s locked. The door as well as the frame is made of metal, leaving her no option but to try the next one. It has a similar frame but the metal door is gone, replaced by a sturdy wooden door with iron bindings. It’s also locked but unlike the other this door has a keyhole large enough to look into. She bends down and press her face against the door. There’s a single silvery, palm-looking plant growing in a pot. The plant glows softly, illuminating itself but nothing else in the room.

Seelia sighs. “One door left.” She walks across the room to the remaining door. It looks flimsy and worn, a piece of the lower corner missing. The handle is loose but still easily opens the door. Carefully she push the door open with her foot. The light chase away both darkness and some small critters. A long corridor opens up before her.

The lightcaster can’t reach the furthest parts of the corridor but shows a fork or side tunnel to the left and a door on the opposite side. A lump of something lies on the floor in between. Nothing in the dark moves or makes a sound. Attempting not to make a sound herself, which proves difficult carrying a big bag and a spear, she draws closer to the lump.

After inspecting the door, it’s closed, and casting a quick glance down the side passage, no apparent danger, she concentrates on the lump. A few pokes reveal it to be just a piece of cloth. She picks it up to look more closely. The fabric is very soft, colored with broad dark blue stripes over white. It’s edges are torn and it has collected a bit of dirt but it’s obviously of good quality. Turning it back and forth, the remaining seams reveal its nature. “Fancy pants! Someone lost their trousers.”

She looks around. Neither the owner of the pants or whatever it was that tore them apart can be seen. She stuff the fabric in her bag, quickly draws an arrow on the floor and moves on to the door.


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